Treachery 7" Vinyl

Treachery cover

This was the band's very first release in 1985. This 7 inch vinyl single, in a red picture bag glued together by the band themselves, sells for huge amounts of money these days. 1000 copies were pressed, and if a copy comes with the original merchandise insert, it makes it even more collectable.

TRACK LISTING: 1. Treachery (Ride Like The Wind) 2. Winds of Time


The Son of Odin

25th Anniversary Edition

The Son of Odin Cover

This is Elixir's highly acclaimed debut album originally released on vinyl in 1986. It has been re-released on several labels, the latest CD version being the 25th Anniversary Edition in 2011on the CTR label. The 25th Anniversary Edition contains bonus tracks including the previously unreleased B.B.C. Friday Rock Show session.
High Roller Records released a vinyl double album edition in 2014.

Track Listing: 1. The Star Of Beshaan 2. Pandora's Box 3. Hold High The Flame 4. Children Of Tomorrow 5. Trial By Fire 6. Starflight 7. Dead Man's Gold 8. Treachery
9. Son Of Odin 10. Chariot Of The Gods (taken from The Son of Odin sessions) 11. Winds Of Time (taken from the 1985 single Treachery (Ride Like The Wind))
12. The Star Of Beshaan (taken from the BBC Radio 1 Friday Rock Show session) 13. Pandora's Box (taken from the BBC Radio 1 Friday Rock Show session)
14. Hold High The Flame (taken from the BBC Radio 1 Friday Rock Show session) 15. Son Of Odin (taken from the BBC Radio 1 Friday Rock Show session)


Lethal Potion


Initially recorded as 'Sovereign Remedy' in 1988, Elixir's second album was released by the Sonic label in 1990 as 'Lethal Potion', with a changed mix and a reduced number of tracks. Clive Burr from Iron Maiden helped out on the drums.

TRACK LISTING: 1. She's Got It 2. Sovereign Remedy 3. Llagaeran 4. Louise  5. Shadows of the Night
6. All Together Again 7. Light In Your Heart 8. Metal Trance / Visions of Darkness
9. Edge of Eternity 10. Last Rays of the Sun


Sovereign Remedy


Sovereign Remedy cover

Elixir's second album as it was meant to be. With all the tracks, the original mix, and new artwork.
Originally released on the TPL label in 2004, this album was re-released by Majestic Rock in August 2006.

TRACK LISTING: 1. Metal Trance 2. Visions of Darkness 3. Light In your Heart 4. She's Got It
5. Sovereign Remedy 6. Llagaeran 7. Last Rays of the Sun 8. Shadows of the Night
9. Louise 10. Legion of the Eagle 11. Edge of Eternity 12. Lost In A Dream
13. (When We're) All Together Again 14. Metal Trance (Reprise)


The Idol


The Idol CD cover The Idol LP cover

With the classic 'Son of Odin' line-up back together, the band get down to business to record this collection of 80's - written material.

The CD was first released on October 31st 2003, on the CTR label. The vinyl version was released by Cult Metal Classics in May 2004, with a limited number pressed in clear purple vinyl. The CD format was re-released by Majestic Rock in August 2006.

TRACK LISTING: 1. The Return 2. The Idol 3. Devil Rider 4. Born To Die 5. The Storm
6. Born Loser 7. Deal With The Devil 8. Playing With Fire 9. Death Dealer 10. Moonlight