Hard Rock Helll - one of the great UK Festivals


Electric Eye Photography - purveyor of fantastic rock photography


Punkrocksal Media

Punkrocksal Media - Home of rock photographer Sally Newhouse


Duncan Storr - artist and creator of our 'All Hallows Eve' artwork


Ray Cooper Guitars

Ray Cooper Guitars - Luthier, craftsman, the 'guitar doctor' - looks after Phil's guitars


Ciruelo Cabral - fantasy artist and creator of our 'Sovereign Remedy' artwork


Alphard - manufacturers of quality microphones, speakers and cables



TPL - Swedish label that brought you quality releases of 'The Son of Odin' and 'Sovereign Remedy' among others


True Metal Fan website


Noizz Eater Magazine website


John Tucker Online

Website of music writer and photographer John Tucker


Noel Buckley Images

Website of rock photographer Noel Buckley