Elixir Sign With Dissonance Productions

Elixir are delighted to announce that they have signed with Dissonance Productions for the release of their new album and the re-release of their back catalogue. Dissonance are a label specialising in Rock bands and have the massive Plastic Head Distribution company behind them. Elixir guitarist Phil Denton stated "this is a great move for us because with the might of Plastic Head Distribution behind us, our records will be much more widely available. The label have a great team behind them to promote the releases and we are benefitting from top-class mastering on the mixes for the new album, which is being done as this announcement is being made. Finally, without the admin of running our own label, it leaves us free to spend more time on our creative projects". Elixir's new album is scheduled for release on March 6th 2020, and will be available on both CD and vinyl. The new album title and amazing cover artwork by Duncan Storr will be revealed very soon!

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