Voyage Of The Eagle Reviews


The Metal Mag wrote:


"Ten songs to capture your imagination and keep you alive. In this modern world you have to get away and the best way is to listen to bands such as Elixir! A brilliant album 99/100"


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Battle Helm was one of the first to review Elixir's new album 'Voyage Of The Eagle'. Shan Siva writes:


"It’s been almost a decade since we last heard from this great band and now Elixir have returned with a release befitting their revered cult status and loyal following over the years – and that’s 10 years overdue in my opinion!"


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Metal Forces Magazine gave 'Voyage Of The Eagle' 9 out of 10! Neil Arnold wrote:


"Voyage Of The Eagle" is a dense, layered, musically magical piece of work brimming with effortless charm" and states "Elixir have carved out a modern classic..."


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New Wave Of British Heavy Metal Blog Webpage wrote:


Now with "Voyage of the Eagle" and most of the original line-up back in the fold they show they are right up there. The album is superb. Make no mistake. Yet again – the New Wave of British Heavy Metal is as relevant as it was forty years ago and bands like Elixir keep up that tradition exceptionally well.


It’s early May 2020 as I write this – and I can say right here right now that "Voyage of the Eagle" is so good it’s album of the year material.


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