The Son of Odin vinyl double LP

The Son of Odin Double LP

This is the vinyl re-issue of Elixir's debut album 'The Son of Odin' on the High Roller Records label under license from CTR. This is a limited edition double album release in clear vinyl. Disc 1 is as the original album release and Disc 2 contains recordings taken from the BBC Friday Rock Show sessions, the 1985 'Treachery' single release and demo tape recordings. This edition comes in a gatefold sleeve with lyric sheet/historic photo insert.

Track Listing:

Side 1 - The Star of Beshaan, Pandora's Box, Hold High The Flame, Children of Tomorrow. Side 2 - Trial By Fire, Starflight, Dead Man's Gold, Treachery, Son of Odin. Side 3 - The Star of Beshaan (BBC Session), Pandora's Box (BBC Session), Hold High The Flame (BBC Session), Son of Odin (BBC Session), Winds of Time (Treachery single). Side 4 - Treachery (Treachery single), Playing With Fire (1985 demo), Dead Man's Gold (1984 demo), Born Loser (1984 demo), Deal With The Devil (1984 demo), Chariot of the Gods (The Son of Odin recording sessions).

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