Midnight Messiah Begin Work On Album

Midnight Messiah began recording their second album, entitled 'Led Into Temptation' last weekend, 17th September.

Darren laid down the drum tracks at The Lodge Studios, where they have a fantastic two-storey live room perfect for capturing the big, 'old school' drum sound that they were after. Many thanks to Mark and Jay at the studio for taking the time to experiment with many different mic placements to get that classic sound.

Darren At The Lodge September 2016

The second album will be entitled 'Led Into Temptation' and will feature 11 killer tracks written by Phil and Paul: 'Second Coming', 'Led Into Temptation', 'The Sinner Must Die', 'Gettin' Down With The Devil (Hellbound)', 'The Merry Widow', 'Go To The Light', 'Return of the King', 'The Darklands', 'While Heaven Bleeds' plus bonus tracks 'Right Place, Wrong Time' and a 2016 re-make of 'King of the Night'.

Recording, mixing and mastering should all be completed by Spring 2017.


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